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my59 Metrics provides comparable data around the industry’s operating rates, such as gross profit, turnover, membership revenue & attrition, purchasing rates, stock levels, average monthly sales, payroll, staffing levels – and many other variables.

Venue managers, industry suppliers and stakeholders have all been involved in shaping the first release of my59 Metrics, which includes key headline measurements that provide clarity around revenue, rounds played, costs and margins. Subsequent releases will allow golf clubs to delve deeper into those headline areas and truly understand greenkeeping costs, professional offerings and club salaries.

Generate financial data around your club’s operation, with the ability to make direct comparisons to the industry and venues of a similar nature.

Financial Intel
Comparable Data
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Complimentary filters:
  • Region
  • Business style: private member club, semi-private, resort, pay & play
  • Course style: parkland, heathland, links, desert
  • Number of holes

Premium filters:
  • Club revenue
  • GP
  • Payroll
  • Membership numbers
  • Rounds played
  • Green fee rates

Available now free of charge to all golf clubs across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales.

Club managers are invited to input monthly financial data throughout 2020, by also entering 2019 figures, you will realise the immediate effect COVID-19 has had on your club and the industry as a whole - providing short, medium and long term analytics.

All data entries remain anonymous to anyone other than your clubs' sole key account holder.

59club continue supporting the industry with the intel that golf has been lacking around various monetary P&L data. To take advantage of this opportunity and make informed decisions on how best to prepare for the financial effects of COVID-19, Sign up now for free.

To discuss my59 metrics and to upgrade your licence for just £50 per month, to include all premium my59 metrics functionality, and full access to 59club’s employee and customer satisfaction survey tools; please contact your Regional 59club Representative.