59club Asia pioneers cutting-edge Spa Mystery Shopping Audits for Wellness and Spa Industry

A spa treatment is a reward considered as a soothing, rejuvenating and typically elegant way to pamper oneself. Due to the current stress created by the COVID-19 pandemic, a spa day would be very much appreciated more than usual. Since wellness and spa services are not only about massages or body treatments, they offer self-confidence, calmness and an escape from our hectic lives.

Wellness and Spa industry is also like other industries in the current hyper-digital world relying
significantly on their online presence, since over 90% of consumers seek out and put a ton of trust in online reviews. Online reviews hold tremendous power considering that customer reviews are a powerful marketing tool and a source of unstructured feedback. On the contrary, customer reviews on the online platforms are generally subjective and obscure management team to detect accurate defects. 59club Asia, Asia’s leading sales & service analysts and training provider, is delighted to offer Wellness and Spa industry a global standard solution for ‘sales & service’ etiquette improvements.

Given that subjective criteria restrict you from identifying your actual strengths and weaknesses. Our granular and tailored-made mystery shopping audits offer a highly detailed insight of the service level being delivered daily to customers at your venue in conjunction with non-biased and comprehensively objective mystery shopping audit results. Furthermore, our products identify true strengths and weaknesses within the services & sales area and exceptionally highlight opportunities for development through measuring your opportunity and losses against upselling skills of staff members. The results can be utilised to plan KPI’s and customise training programme s for staff members and departments.

59club Asia is the Mystery Shopping Audit and Customers Satisfaction Survey market leading provider. We deliver our services to hospitality businesses such as Hotels, Spa, Sport Clubs or Leisure Clubs, Fine Dining and Golf Clubs in the Asian region. Our clients benefit from a wealth of benchmarking tools allowing them to improve and maintain sales and service etiquette, increasing customer satisfaction, revenue as well as profits. On the other hand, staff performance and high standards set by their companies will be thoroughly supervised.

Visit www.59clubasia.com to find out more about 59club Asia Spa Mystery Shopping Audits and other products or contact our team at info@59clubasia.com for all enquiries.