59club Australia & New Zealand forms Strategic Partnership with Clublinks Management

59club Australia & New Zealand, a leading customer service benchmarking and training provider in the golf and leisure industry, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Clublinks, a premier management and consulting company specialising in public golf, leisure, and hospitality sectors. 

This partnership brings together two industry leaders, combining their expertise and resources to deliver exceptional customer service and operational excellence to golf and leisure facilities across Australia and New Zealand. By leveraging 59club’s proven benchmarking and training programs alongside Clublinks’ extensive experience in management and consulting, the collaboration aims to elevate the performance and profitability of clubs and resorts in the region. 

59club’s innovative benchmarking tools, which include mystery shopper audits and customer satisfaction surveys, will enable clubs and resorts to gain valuable insights into their customers’ experiences. Through detailed analysis and customised training programs, 59club will work closely with Clublinks to enhance staff performance, improve service levels, and drive customer loyalty.

Clublinks’ vast network and industry knowledge will be instrumental in expanding the reach of 59club’s services across the Australian and New Zealand markets. As a leading management company, Clublinks brings a wealth of operational expertise, strategic insights, and industry best practices to the partnership, ensuring public access golf and leisure facilities receive comprehensive support in all aspects of their operations. 

“We are delighted to join forces with Clublinks, a respected leader in the golf and leisure industry,” said Sam Hughes, General Manager of 59club Australia & New Zealand. “This strategic partnership allows us to combine our unique strengths and deliver unparalleled customer service and operational excellence to our clients. We are confident that our collaboration will empower clubs and resorts to elevate their performance, drive revenue growth, and exceed customer expectations.” 

Steve Peverett, NSW State Manager of Clublinks, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “At Clublinks, we are dedicated to providing exceptional management solutions to our clients. Our collaboration with 59club Australia & New Zealand aligns perfectly with our mission, as we strive to enhance customer experiences and drive sustainable growth. Together, we will set new benchmarks for excellence in the industry and help golf and leisure facilities achieve their goals.” 

The partnership between 59club Australia & New Zealand and Clublinks marks an exciting chapter in the golf and leisure industry, where customer service and operational efficiency are paramount. Both organizations are committed to transforming the industry landscape by delivering measurable results and raising the bar for customer satisfaction. 

For more information about 59club Australia & New Zealand and Clublinks, please visit their respective websites at www.59clubau-nz.com and www.clublinks.com.au

Australian Preliminary Insights Report: Golf Visitor Experience

In the run up to launching 59club Australia & New Zealand, the customer service management specialists delivered a series of Mystery Shopper audits across Melbourne & Sydney that measured the ‘Golf Visitor Experience.

You can view the headline findings from those mystery shopper audits in the ‘Australian Preliminary Insights Report’ below...